What makes a great tool library?

From hammers, to impact wrenches, to hacksaws… what makes a Tool Library great? At South King Tool Library, we have high hopes for the impact access to the right tools will give our community. We wish would could take credit for the concept, but in reality there have been many before us that paved the way to make SKTL possible. Locally, we can thank the West Seattle Tool Library for their generous support of open source materials, processes, documents, data and most importantly... tools! The South King Tool Library owes a lot to our neighbors to the north and some passionate folks in Toronto. Check out an inspirational TedTalk by Lawrence Alvarez, a direct influence to the concept and idea S

Robot Repaired! Rescued from Retirement

Pluggie the Robot may not be as well known as Smokey the Bear, but he is rock star to some here in South King County. When Jeanette of SKTL heard Pluggie was going to be retired because the cost to repair him was just too much for the South King Fire and Rescue team to budget, she made a call. Gary Ichinaga has been a “fixer” at Repair Cafes throughout the county and has recently supported the South King Tool Library as “lead fixer” at the SKTL Repair Cafes this year. Not only is Gary a technical genius, but he is one of the kindest souls we’ve ever met. Along with his wife Gail Ichinaga, a teacher at Wildwood Elementary and his wonderful daughter Sara, this family has supported the communit

May Repair Cafe Recap

Our second official SKTL hosted repair was a huge success! With a fantastic crew of volunteers, some generous support, and good old fashioned elbow grease we had a 82% success rate for “fixing” items! Our amazingly talented fixers were able to fix almost 70 items, which kept over 150 pounds out of the landfill, and saved patrons hundreds of dollars. But sometimes you just can’t put a price on the value of things. There was one woman who recovered years of lost family photos on five different hard-drives. Or the fax machine/copier that helps support a family of an adult with special needs. The Uno attack game that will have many more plays, the special stuffed Rudolph that makes generations o

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