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Many of us have a holiday or year-end wish list of things we want for ourselves. South King Tool Library’s list is a little different: it’s full of things we want for you! A tool library is an example of a “sharing project”. When you give something to the project, you end up getting something back. Here are things on the SKTL wish list that you can help with:

Membership Donations. We still need help to cover anticipated building and operating costs for 2017. If you plan on becoming a SKTL member (a person who can check out our tools), take a look at suggested annual donations.

Your Payoff: A year of access to the tools you need, when you need them (your membership year begins once we open).

Non-Membership Donations. If you just want to pitch in to help us meet our goals, we are grateful for your donation.

Your Payoff: A new community resource with programs you can access with or without membership, like repair cafés. Donations to SKTL, a nonprofit, are tax deductible!

Donated Storage Space for Six Months. SKTL is looking for a storage unit we can use January - June 2017. Our current container, donated by Waste Management, is completely full. In order to continue accepting tool donations and begin to clean them, organize them and enter them into our inventory software, we need one large or two medium units, preferably within five miles of our site at 4016 South 352nd Street Auburn, WA 98001.

Your Payoff: Public recognition as a community partner, with all the great PR that goes with it.

Steering Committee Members. Our leadership team is working hard to prepare for opening. We want the diverse voices of South King County at the SKTL table. Will you be one of them? If you’re into tools, green living, social equity or DIY, this may be the perfect place for you. We also need techies, creatives and people looking for something different.

Your Payoff: Leadership skills development, using your talents in new ways and adding some cool experience to your resumé.

Community Partners. Is your community-focused business, organization or service club in South King County looking for nonprofits to support as part of your social responsibility goals? Let’s talk! South King Tool Library is looking for partners who are interested in social equity, caring for the environment, sharing resources, maintaining affordable housing and skills training for all ages. We have opportunities for event sponsorships, in-kind donations, fund-a-need and more.

Your Payoff: Recognition as a community partner, on our website and social media, at events, and in our print and electronic communication.

Do you have other ways you want to to help? Get in touch:

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