2018 Will Be Our Year!

We guarantee 2018 will be a year of "firsts" and announcements as we lock in the location of our future site, begin a very green construction from recycled containers, coordinate repair cafés, grow in our communities to connect with wonderful volunteers and begin a tradition of fundraising that gives all of us access the tools to build a better tomorrow.

Big thanks to our biggest supporters!!

To start the year off right SKTL would like to highlight and formally thank our sponsors and partners. They motivate, inspire, challenge, and fulfill us! With the help of our partners, the South King Tool Library is not just a singular project, but an opportunity with endless possibilities.

First and foremost we have to acknowledge the amazing institution that happens to be our fiscal sponsor Tilth Alliance! They are an incredible organization that has been a wonderful support and facilitator to the vision and success of the South King Tool Library. We admire their dedication to growing a better food future for Washington State and we are proud to call them our partner.

We are also thrilled to announce Puget Sound Energy has joined our team as sponsor, partner, and collaborator! PSE has supported us in a big way. We have begun a monumental partnership that will help PSE and the South King County community connect in truly resourceful ways. As the South King Tool Library facilitates projects all around our community, Puget Sound Energy is committed to continued safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and access. We look forward to all the teamwork PSE and SKTL can engineer! And we aren't the only ones! Check out all of their hard work in community support HERE.​

Next, we have to thank a collaborator that has been there from the very beginning. The King Co Ecoconsumer program has supported our formation since its conception and they continue to do so as we grow. The county's Repair Cafés are inspirational and highlight the brightest potential our community has to offer. Their continued efforts to reduce waste and consumption serve as a high standard. The South King Tool Library looks forward to working hand in hand with the county in 2018 and many years to come! You can't miss the great work they're doing throughout our glorious county KCecoconsumer.com

Certainly not the last and by no means the least, we would like to take a moment and send a huge THANK YOU to the Washington State Department of Ecology. Their support has launched the Tool Library with momentum toward hiring an executive director and bringing repair cafés and other events to our neighbors in South King and North Pierce Counties in 2018! The South King Tool Library is truly grateful for the state's support of our vision and our service for these​ communities.

​There are so many more amazing individuals and organizations that have, and continue to,

contribute to the progress of the South King Tool Library, we can't fit them all into one blog post! If you know of an organization that would like to work us on our upcoming construction, community outreach, networking, fundraising, or to any other capacity, please do not hesitate to reach out the Tool Library board at info@southkingtools.org. Send us all your suggestions and recommendations on how to serve our community, and we cannot wait to share the great opportunities we all have for 2018!

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