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Sign up for a membership today and your membership will begin the day our doors open! Click HERE to check which level of membership would be best for you, your family, business or organization!


A community is made up of all the people in it and we want to get to know them all. If you connect with us on social media, sign up on our email list, or just start talking to all your friends about SKTL, you are supporting us in a big way! If you aren't already, sign up for our e-mail newsletter to keep up with our progress. Or find us on Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn

And if you have a moment share with your friends on your favorite platform!


Are you interested in supporting a great resource for the community and enthusiastic about the possibilities a Tool Library possesses? Email us with your talents or ideas and we can put you to work or keep you posted on the many volunteer opportunities we have available. Check out some opportunities on our website HERE.

Donate now!


Need to make some space in your garage or workshop? Donate old or excess tools to SKTL and share with the entire community. We only ask that they are in working order (or serviceable) and that they are not gas powered. Email us at info@southkingtools.org


We accept and appreciate donations in many forms. To make a tax deductible charitable donation, just click HERE. Or if your company or organization would like to support SKTL and you're now sure how, just send us quick email to info@southkingtools.org


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