Calling All Volunteers

In addition to many great events this Spring and Summer, SKTL is looking for volunteers and partners on plenty of levels.

Here are just a few:


Do you have a background in construction? Our one-of-kind facility will need volunteers to help with welding, electrical, woodworking, insulation, roofing, and just about any other aspect of container construction we haven’t thought of! Let us know HERE


Are you a gear-head? A tooligan? A handy-man or woman? Or maybe you’re just excited to get a tool library up and going? We have been so lucky to receive generous tool donations and we are so excited to get them into our database. We will need volunteer help to photograph, describe, categorize, and upload all of tools. Let us know if you some time to work with our great team on this endeavor! Click HERE


The South King Tool Library has been driven by the great force of passionate volunteers serving as first the Steering Committee and now as the Board of Directors. Do you have non-profit board experience? Or maybe you just believe in the vision of tool library? Let us now by sending an email HERE and we will invite you to attend a board meeting.

If you or your organization are interested in partnering with SKTL on a larger scale, feel free to reach out to us in an email to

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