What makes a great tool library?

From hammers, to impact wrenches, to hacksaws… what makes a Tool Library great?

At South King Tool Library, we have high hopes for the impact access to the right tools will give our community. We wish would could take credit for the concept, but in reality there have been many before us that paved the way to make SKTL possible.

Locally, we can thank the West Seattle Tool Library for their generous support of open source materials, processes, documents, data and most importantly... tools!

The South King Tool Library owes a lot to our neighbors to the north and some passionate folks in Toronto. Check out an inspirational TedTalk by Lawrence Alvarez, a direct influence to the concept and idea SKTL is working towards.

And continuing the global spread of a concept so natural and a need that is so prolific, Iceland has joined the ranks of inspirational Tool Library stories and plan to open this August. Check out this amazing story below or visit their website and support their efforts at http://www.reykjaviktoollibrary.com/


What do you think will make the South King Tool Library GREAT? Let us know!


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