Not all Tools are in the Tool Box

South King Tool Library has been connecting with organizations throughout the South King and North Pierce County regions to try and figure out exactly what your Tool Library can do to make an impact on residents day-to-day lives.

Our motto is Sharing, Training, Empowerment because we know that giving folks tools is simply not enough. Training in tool safety, home maintenance, recycling and upcycling DIY projects are just the beginning. One community organization we have connected with here in Federal Way has asked us to develop an educational resource for its tenants in regard to recycling waste and operating household machinery. You might say “Those things can’t be that hard.” But recycling rules change with the market, and moving to a new state, country, city or county also means learning new recycling standards.

For instance, did you know that in King County you can recycle bottles and jugs once cleaned, BUT the lids to those containers have to go into the GARBAGE. And in fact you CAN recycle plastic bags by bringing them back to participating stores.

Check out the King County resource page:

And here is more information on what goes in each bin for King County:

We would love to hear from YOU! If you have just minute or two please fill out this brief Community Survey on what the South King Tool Library can do for you!

Click HERE for the Survey

Other recommendations or suggestions? Let us know!

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