Donated Tools ...a poem

There is no denying the passion and enthusiasm we have at SKTL. It takes many forms and we are proud to share this artistic expression by one of our very talented Board Members, the librarian extraordinaire, Mr. Anthony Wilson. Tony has supported SKTL from the very beginning and has been integral part of our progress. Please enjoy!

Donated Tools

The dirty old leaf blower

has gotten too heavy

This device from Harbor Freight

was for a one-time use

The Sears dovetail maker never used

since a Christmas years ago

A large plastic case with tiny sockets

a roll of tape, and a box knife

purpose unknown

A well used bottle jack and

a new transmission jack

Some left by grandfathers

some by divorced husbands or

downsizing suburbanites

Artifacts of past intentions

waiting to be pushed again

into the future

AMW 9/24/2018

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