"This is a beautiful gift. I hope people take advantage and make our community more enjoyable."

You may have seen in our last Newsletter that we created a Community Survey to get some direct feedback. We had some great connections and we are going to leave the survey open for even more feedback, but first we wanted to share some of the passionate responses.

Almost 80% of responders said they would venture out to tackle Home or Yard maintenance and repair projects they aren’t all that familiar with. With the tools we share and the knowledge we spread, we will save folks money, time, and piece of mind!

Another clear message from participants was a request for classes, training and orientation to tools as well as access to larger electric, unusual, and rarely used tools. This is exactly where the Tool Library and our connections with community partners make a difference!

When we asked folks about the potential impact the Tool Library could make, they let us know exactly what they were thinking. We are passionate about the South King Tool Library and we are glad you are too!

“Help groups come together for a common purpose and improve in quality of life activities for community members.”

“Help people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to maintain their homes, cars, etc.”

“Helping people help themselves.”

“This is a beautiful gift. I hope people take advantage and make our community more enjoyable.”

“Empowering women to take care of things themselves.”

“The cost of the tools that are needed for a project that might only be used once are prohibitively expensive for many of us.”

“I’m a newbie to tools and interested in upcycling, refinishing. I think for people like me, it will give the opportunity to try a tool out before actually buying it. Saving money!!”

“Creating equal access to resources for all members of the community, regardless of income or status”

Interested in our survey? We would love to hear from YOU!

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