Welcome SKTL's new Executive Director, Amanda Miller

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself to some and re-introduce myself to others. My name is Amanda Miller and I am now the Executive Director for the South King Tool Library (SKTL). I am thrilled to have this honor and I have the utmost regard for the role of this great community resource and it’s founders.

I wanted to share just a little bit about myself, my background, and my passion for this organization. In 2008 I moved from my hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia to Washington state where I met my husband, and we were married a few years later. We decided to set down roots for our growing family, and bought our Federal Way home in 2016.

I became involved with SKTL in 2017 while searching for volunteer opportunities that would get me involved with my community and satisfy my thirst for learning. I joined the board and quickly took on volunteer opportunities and tasks that I enjoyed. Every chance I had I would mention the Tool Library and I've never stopped learning about possible community and developmental connections. In participating in the developmental birth of a non-profit, I have gleaned more knowledge than I could ever imagine from my amazing colleagues.

My background is in the small business world where I worked for a small third-party logistics company for the past eleven years here in Washington. I bring business and supply chain acumen to SKTL as well as my creative background from hobbies to formal studies of architecture, gardens, graphic design, mechanics, general tinkering and do it yourself ventures.

If we have had the chance to speak in these last two years I have probably expounded my enthusiasm and vision for the organization. I see endless possibilities for the Tool Library’s growth and impact, and I am so thankful to be a part of its success.

I look forward to the challenges and opportunities SKTL faces, but more than anything I simply cannot wait for this foundational community resource to be fully and completely available to the public.

I love to learn and one of my personal goals is to never stop growing. So I look at this role as Executive Director as the greatest opportunity to serve my community. Please feel free to share, discuss, reach out or just say “hello” anytime. My inbox is always open.

With ceaseless optimism, I believe in SKTL and all that it can become.

Thank you,


Right to left: executive director Amanda Miller, with board member Jeanette Jurgensen, and volunteer David Martinez sorting all the tools in the background.

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