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2021 mélange post: holiday season wrap-up

Teriyaki-glazed turkey with fried rice stuffing
Teriyaki-glazed turkey with fried rice stuffing

Turkey! I was limited on freezer space and eager to process the space-hogging frozen hump into more useful parts. Sunday before Thanksgiving saw a cooked bird, saving the bones to boil for broth. The meat was all stripped and used over the week in tacos, curry, turkey soup and finally as the familiar slice on the side of a Thanksgiving plate. My household decided on 4 dishes this year, skipping all the potential waste of things we only kinda like. Belly full, it was time to think of Black Friday sales and holiday crowds.


Whether you're following our gift-giving advice from last month, preparing your own ideas or going hog-wild on sales, keep SKTL in mind if you need to clear some clutter. Saturday, December 11th, we have a drive-through electronics recycling and paper shredding event. Wouldn't it be cool to start 2022 off with a little more free space and fewer security risks?


I came across two more sustainable gift ideas so wanted to share them in this miscellaneous post: the first of which was inspired by my brother's new hobby of making chai. But not the pour-and-mix, readers. No, no, no! I attended his passionate speech-and-guide of just how he creates this nightly nectarean non-alcoholic nightcap. I haven't tried it yet, but hope that he'll consider making a video for me as a gift this season. If you need ideas for homemade teas to give for gifts, here's a list of 8 tea recipes.

Three bowls of looseleaf tea and dried fruits and herbs with the fourth bowl of brown sugar crystals
Chuck it in a bag and call it a great gift! Credit: Carmen Willis
An office desk made of recycled palettes
That sure WOOD be a great gift for a PAL-AT work! Credit: 1001Pallets

The second pro-sustainability idea is furniture crafts. If you're looking for something more hands-on and want to call on the mighty powers of the SKTL, your gift could involve upcycling! Here's a different idea for turning a broken dresser into shelves.


Regardless of what you decide to do, have a great Holiday Season, whether that's Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or the many forms of New Year celebration.

And...make sure your gifts look fly.


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