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*IMPORTANT -  SOCIAL DISTANCING & MASKS REQUIRED AT SKTL!  Video scenes without them occurred before the pandemic.


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What is a tool library?

A tool library is like a traditional library, allowing you to check out tools and equipment to help you build, repair and maintain your home and things. You need to sign up for a free SKTL membership to borrow tools. By sharing tools, we save money and space, while reducing consumption and waste. BECOME A MEMBER

When are you open?

SKTL is open for scheduled drive-thru tool pickups and returns only.  Our current hours are:  Mondays: 11 AM - 1 PM, Wednesdays: 4 - 6 PM, and Saturdays: 11 AM - 1 PM.  Once you're a member, contact us to schedule your tool checkouts: email info@southkingtools.org or call or text 253-237-2290.

Who can use South King Tool Library?

Anyone age 18 or over can join SKTL and check out tools; all of our events and classes are open to the public, no membership needed! We're especially convenient for people in South King and North Pierce Counties. Stay current on all we offer: SIGN UP FOR EMAIL UPDATES

Are memberships just for households?

Nope! Small businesses, nonprofits and service groups can BECOME MEMBERS as well (in order to pick up tools for your organization, you must have signed the liability waiver/usage forms). Having access to tools can help you take care of their work spaces and serve your community.

What kind of tools do you have? Where do the tools come from?

Our inventory includes donated and purchased tools, based on the needs of our community. Our initial focus is on tools for homes and yards, but we'll expand as we grow. See our CURRENT INVENTORY, or SUGGEST A TOOL for our tool wish list. Want to donate tools? FIND OUT WHICH TOOLS WE ACCEPT

Can you teach me how to use tools? What if I need help fixing something?

When you check out tools at SKTL a staff member or volunteer will review safe and proper use before you leave. If you'd like help fixing a household item, bring it to one of our REPAIR EVENTS and our team of fixers will do their magic and explain as they go. We also offer CLASSES on a wide range of DIY topics for your home, garden and more.

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Does South King Tool Library offer anything besides tool checkouts?

You bet! SKTL offers programs throughout the year that are free and open to the public, including repair events to fix your household items, drive-thru recycling events, and special events like clothing swaps. We also host classes and workshops where you can learn a variety of DIY skills and green living methods.  Stay up to date: SIGN UP FOR EMAIL UPDATES

How can you afford to do this?

Our success is a team effort! SKTL is an IRS qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of Washington, Tax ID 83-15621476. In addition to voluntary MEMBER DONATIONS, we accept INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS, BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS, and public and private grants. We're proud of all our community supporters who believe in our mission!

How do I volunteer?

We depend on volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Whether you love tinkering or tweeting, want to help occasionally or on a schedule, we'd love to welcome you to our team. FIND OUT ABOUT VOLUNTEERING