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Carbon emissions, resource depletion, social inequities, environmental injustice - it's a lot.

What can can one person do?

You can start here at SKTL. You don't need to be magic with a sawzall; all you need is the desire to make the world better for yourself and your neighbors. You can sign up for a  shift at a recycling event, help us clean, sort and add tools to our inventory, or spend a few hours a month on a planning committee. There are plenty of options to help out from home too. Every hour you give as a SKTL volunteer helps reduce waste and pollution, increase equitable distribution of resources, expand sustainable, eco-friendly practices in households, businesses and community spaces, and empower local folks - through access to tools and training, so they can make the world better along with you.

Your actions matter. VOLUNTEER WITH SKTL.

SKTL VOLUNTEER opportunities


Help us power up! We are looking for volunteers to help us with our tool maintenance. We have both weekly and monthly volunteer opportunities to help us keep up with routine maintenance, fix damaged tools, and make more tools available to our community.


Learn about tools and connect with our community! We are looking for volunteers to help with checkouts during our open hours and expand to more operating hours. No experience needed, we will train you on how to help with checkouts, prepare for reservations, and advise patrons on their projects.



Have a free weekend? Help us with our recycling, repair, swap, and workshop events! We are looking for volunteers to help with traffic direction, set up and tear down, checking in participants, and more. Our events are normally on Saturdays and a great way to get to know the community!



Looking to help from the comfort of your own home? Volunteer remotely and help us maintain our social media, prepare posts, and update our website!

Board of Directors

South King Tool Library is led by a volunteer board dedicated to equity, empowerment, resource sharing and environmental stewardship. We work diligently to fulfill our mission and serve our communities. We are actively seeking residents of South King or North Pierce Counties who share these values to join our board. For more information, contact us.

If you don't see your dream role on the list, let us know what you like to do!

Find available shifts now on signup genius

Volunteer with Us
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Which days are you available for in person volunteering?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! If you are ready to sign up for a shift, click the link that says "SIGN UP! SignUpGenius"

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How do I volunteer with SKTL?

It's as simple as contacting us via email or phone (see above), or introducing yourself when you check out tools or attend a class or event. We walk you through process, including interests assessment, forms, training and scheduling. It's very straightforward - we want you to feel comfortable and know how valuable you are. Check here for the latest volunteer options!

Who will I work with and what will I do?

SKTL is a dynamic, community-focused nonprofit organization. There is a place for you here! We have a core team comprised of our executive director and volunteer board, joined by a diverse family of volunteers who love fixing, creating, communicating, teaching, and learning. For some work inspiration, take a look at our Volunteer Wish List below.

Can groups, businesses or other organizations help?

Absolutely! We've worked with groups of all ages on projects like gardening and tool sorting. SKTL can also provide tools for outside service projects with a group membership. If your business is interested in volunteering, contributing in-kind goods or services, or providing financial support, consider becoming a SKTL partner.

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