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Incubator Program

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The concept of a tool library is truly a worldwide movement with tool libraries on nearly every continent.  There is actually an abundance of documentation for how to get started, but those resources are scattered, often outdated, and in desperate need of adaptation to local community needs.  The inventory and workshops of Iceland might not be useful to a budding tool library in Ghana.

What would a tool library need in your community? Farm Equipment? Maybe Wheelchairs? Chainsaws? How would you manage volunteers? Donations? Fiscal sponsorships? Policies? 

These are just a few examples we have directly heard from dozens of organizations and individuals setting out to start their own tool libraries and why it was a struggle for us to open as well.

Sharing, training and empowerment are core beliefs at SKTL. We are successful because of our comprehensive approach to tool lending and events that connect our community. Ultimately, everyone wins if they have access to a tool library but we can’t simply copy the same type of organization across different communities.


The TooLIP or Tool Library Incubator Program is our implementable strategy for facilitation of the success of tool libraries that are starting out, or looking to expand. We will streamline the process as we synthesize resources, customize to scale for different organizations, and serve a community's needs directly.


Our model is for individuals that want to start a tool library, organizations that exist but want to add a tool lending operation, or tool libraries that want to expand their programming equitably.

Join us as we address climate change and inequality as an organization that empowers the community. The Tool Library Incubator Program does exactly that through our service to turn local projects into thriving operations with barrierless entries to provide confidence and value to the community. Join us in this global movement today!

Want to help us grow the TooLIP? Let us know if you want to partner, learn more, grow or start a tool library near you!

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