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It is fair to say that the South King Tool Library has had its share of set backs as we pursue our dream of access to tools in the South King/North Pierce regions. We never could have guessed that a pandemic would be added to the list of hurdles we would have to overcome, but alas, here we are!

(Our awesome rear wall built with volunteer power! Big thanks to Bikes4Kids Foundation and We Love Our City)

As we approach what could have been our Grand Opening this Earth Day 2020, we are reflecting on the wonderful business and individuals that have supported and encouraged us of the last few years! Today we would like to highlight the small local business that need our support more than ever. We are in this together and we would not be here without these fantastic businesses and organizations, and their hardworking staff and owners.

Please support these great establishments and services whenever it is possible. We will get through this together!!

Click on the icons below to visit the business or organization's website. And of course email us an if you have any questions or ideas! Thank you all!

Sorry if you hate puns, but we couldn't resist!

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