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2021 green globe award winner!

Director Amanda holds a wooden trophy

We are thrilled to announce the SKTL's reception of the 2021 King County Green Globe Award as Leaders of Waste Reduction! The Green Globe Award is generally given to organizations with a wide circle of influence in King County. The SKTL being recognized among so many environmental advocates shows how the conversation around waste reduction can be brought to the household level.

Read more about the Awards in King County here.

How does SKTL reduce waste?

Instead of constantly buying new tools and having to deal with all the packaging involved, simply borrow the tools you need from us. We'll even show you how to use it! Additionally, the majority of our tools are locally sourced from donations rather than new purchases.

Repair Cafes emphasize preserving your most useful items over replacing them.

Clothing Swaps are a free way for our community to refresh their appearance without opening their wallets. Leftover items are recycled as materials and kept out of landfills.

Additionally, SKTL will be hosting more food preservation classes in the near future, which should cut food waste.

A view with trees and the ocean, but the bottom third shows a lot of trash
We want more of the top of this and less of the bottom

How does waste reduction relate to climate change?

Borrowing tools, consumables and our self-serve drive-up mulch service reduces the need for virgin materials and the related environmental impact. This also reduces overall consumer demand for more plastic and packaging.

Food preservation and reduced food waste diverts organic materials out of landfills where they release greenhouse gases as they decay.

How do SKTL and waste reduction relate to you?

You save money when you can borrow instead of buying. Borrowing tools opens up entrepreneurial opportunities and reduces startup costs for professional work and hobbies. Those funds can in turn be spent on better crafting and building materials.

Waste reduction and recycling or donating reduces your garbage bill.

A maufactured sign that says STRENGTH lies on woodchips in a park

Learning a new tool can be an empowering experience. A special sander could upgrade your next paint job. You can transform your balcony garden or lawn with shovels, spades, claws and eletric mowers. The right wrench could prevent an expensive leak. Mastering a jigsaw could lead to an entire new profession or side hustle!

It's wonderful to be recognized by the county as a leader of waste reduction! Drop by the Tool Library and keep an eye out for our newsletter to find out about upcoming events.


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