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February empowerment through projects

Black History Month is a great time for learning and empowerment, and brighter days are giving us more opportunities to give our homes the attention they need. We want to take a moment to highlight five popular tools at the South King Tool Library that are available to YOU to borrow right away. Even attempting DIY projects can be a confidence-building activity, and learning a new skill can literally pay off instead of hiring someone else. We often carry accessories for the tools - like blades for jigsaws and bits for drills - so don't forget to ask!

SANDERS: You might have spent more time at home in the last year and noticed you have furniture that needs a fresh look. Instead of buying new furniture, why not sand it and paint it yourself? Blogger Gbeke at SimplicityForDesigns used a sander, three kinds of saws, and a nail gun to wainscot her kids' bedroom, bringing a whole new look and adding value to the home. All of the tools listed for her project are available to check out from the SKTL.

SAWS: We have miter saws, circular saws and jigsaws for you to check out. These are a necessity for woodworking projects. Removing carpet and installing your own hardwood or laminate flooring is a DIY task that can be done in an afternoon or two for smaller homes. This can also potentially add value to the home and can make it easier to keep clean. I (Mark) got lucky and found some barely-used cork flooring through Craigslist for 1/10th the price it goes for new!

Picture of three corded drills

DRILLS: A battery-powered drill/screwdriver has infinite uses. However, sometimes you need a little more power for your work. That's why you can come borrow a corded or impact drill for things like securing furniture to studs, mounting heavier objects, or repairing devices. My (Mark) latest project is to reinforce my outside door by replacing the short screws with 3" long screws - one of the cheapest ways to reinforce your home security. Check out our SKTL consummables in our shed: we probably have some of these screws for you as well.

OUTDOOR HOME CARE: We have lawn mowers and pressure washing kits to clean up the outside of your homes and driveways. Whether you want to check out a mower every other week or just get in some good seasonal cleanings, SKTL can get you set up with either. Please note that these are electric mowers and we have batteries avaiable for your machine when you work out.

This is just a small sample of the hundreds of tools we have available for you to get started on your own empowering project.


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