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magic possessions ii

I'd like to open with a moment to appreciate the reliable dish soap bottle that gave us 3 years of its life. My last post about magic possessions was about those items with a story behind them. I want to talk about the way more mundane items that are fixtures you use without really thinking about them. Maybe you have a cup with a broken handle that's held your toothbrushes for the last bunch of years, or maybe you repurposed an Amazon shipping box into a recycle bin by lining it with a trash bag. Every way we participate in the circular economy doesn't have to require a major investment or repair.

One thing I did during the long Thanksgiving weekend was integrate my new finds from our November Clothing Swap into my wardrobe. I also bagged up old shirts to be recycled at Threadcycle Northwest Center. In and out. By the way, the embodied carbon avoided for this event was 30,000lbs. To put that in perspective, that is 136,521 miles driven, or HALFWAY to the moon. Artemis schmartemis!

It might be time to update some of your non-sentimental fixtures, but also take a moment to be mindful of their usefulness and the absurdity of all the disposable items that have potentially long lifetimes. Keep swaps, repurposing and re-gifting on your minds this December as we enter this really tempting time of year to splurge.


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